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"Art is Everywhere"

- Christie Davis


Every woman has their own personal style...What is yours?

Hi, I'm Christie Davis, designer & owner of Christie Davis Couture.  I love color and texture and whole heartedly believe that the "hand" of a piece is just as important as how it looks.  Each of my designs are one of a kind & will never be duplicated.

Each 'bag’ that I design has been numbered and created with the love for individuality. you'll find 2 hand cut hearts- the first because I loved designing  it and the second because you're going to love it, too!

My jewelry is as eclectic as I am... a little bit of leather, a nod to vintage and a lot of versatility. 

If that isn't enough I will have hair on leather pillows combined with unconventional fabrics, vintage pearl snap shirts redesigned with grandma's tablecloths, paintings and who knows what else...stay tuned.

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